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 Skytech's latest equipment additions:

New additions to the arsenal:



Some new kit has just arrived at our base in Dar es Salaam, we are very exited with some of the specialized equipment especially the newly converted X3 camera converted to NDVI. We use this type of imagery  to determine crop health which offer agriculturists opportunities to reduce unnecessary pesticides and increase turnover by targeting problem areas quickly and efficiently.

Also arrived is the Osmo handheld gimbal featuring the X3 4K camera. This will enable us to achieve those awkward ground shoots mostly associated  with the Television and music industry.

Our new Z3 zoom camera will be especially useful for those detailed inspection shots whilst inspecting the numerous telecom and transmission towers dotted country wide.

The Zenmuse Z5 is here at last, we use this state of the art camera for all cinematography  with the video and picture quality second to none.

These professional drone mounted cameras are the best that money can buy and we anticipate we will be very busy over the next year or two.


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